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Jen Porter, born and raised in Chicago, has been playing piano ever since her parents put her in lessons at age five. Although her parents had a large part in her choice of the piano when she was younger, she thanks them for pushing her to keep practicing and for helping her become the musician she is today.

Influenced by the aesthetic of music as much as the passion behind it , Jen borrows styles from both older and newer artists to create music that fans of any age could get into. Her brooding piano playing is complimented by her fiery and intent vocal abilities. Infectious from the first note, Jen over-powers the listener in a way that they can’t help but want to hear more.

For almost a decade, Jen has been playing around the chicagoland area as a working musician , while this involves playing many cover songs, Jen admits that it feels good when she can bring other people back to a time and place that a certain song may remind them of.

Joining in on Jen’s sultry Acoustic Chicago track “My Own Hand” is friend and bandmate “Smokin’” Joe Thomas to play bass, and world-class percussionist Ernie Adams . Together, these three ignite the song and give it collective hear and soul that is apparent throughout. In order to really give her song the edge it needed, Jen channeled the musical ear of fellow Acoustic Chicago artist Howard Levy .

Jen Porter is a musician who is not afraid to take risks. for the sake of music, and she is rewarded for her tenacity with the recognition and support she deserves. Being the only piano driven track on the entire Acoustic Chicago collection, Jen proves that you don’t need a guitar to write a great acoustic song.

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