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Photography by Takamasa Ota


Upcoming Dates:

Wicker Park Festival
July 24th, 2011
12:00 pm




Ain't No Reason

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Vitamin D

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Halo of Blue

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Sweet Chariot

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Little Bug

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Anna Soltys and the Familiar is a modern Folk Rock band with an entrancing new sound. Anna spent the first part of her childhood in Poland followed by 6 years in Paris before she moved to her self-proclaimed home, Chicago. It is the cross-cultural awareness that may awaken the type of delivery that is so unique to her sound. On top of the music, her lyrical, poetic content fills the heart with an awareness of the self we could all use a little of. "My goal as an artist is not only to explore this roller coaster called life, "says Anna, "but also to explore and unveil the strands that bind us all together." Anna's unique vocal styling’s sit on a bed of seasoned musical arrangements melting together into a fresh and soothing kind of unfamiliar 'familiar.'

Anna’s music explores and embodies elements of pain, strength, honesty, and sorrow. From start to finish, lyrically driven simple melodies leave you with a sense of colorful melancholy.

In 2009, Anna Soltys and the Familiar won the 2009 Underground Wonderbar Talent Search and opened up for Toby Lightman and Terra Naomi. Anna has performed at many of the Midwest's finest venues as well as several venues in L.A, Austin, Tx. and New York.

Take Mazzy Star, Neil Young, with a sprinkle of Bob Dylan and you get a sense of the ingredients in the unique sound of Anna Soltys and the Familiar.
Producer Chris Steinmetz sums it up simply. "When you hear Anna's voice, you get a sense of the timeless and the original...a gentle whisper in your ear that speaks of darkness and of beauty."

Anna’s band the Familiar consists of some extraordinarily talented, diverse musicians.
Larry Beers- Drums/Percussion/Glockenspiel (Mucca Pazza, Nick Tremulis, The Bad Examples, Bad Forum, George McRae, Sonia Dada, and Sam Stryke)
David Smith- Bass/Saxophone/Clarinet (Mucca Pazza, J.Davis Trio),
John Pirucello -E-Guitar/Mandolin/Pedal (Nick Tremulis, Keith Richards, The Circles, The Autumm Defense, The Illusion of Progress),
Brian Wilke - Pedal Steel (Allison Krause, Laurie Morgan, Hoyle Brothers, Al Rose, Sonia Dada, and Ernie Hendrickson)
Greg Hirte – Violin  (The Flashbulb, Mucca Pazza, Soundframe, and Mojo and the Bayou Gypsies)
Anna Soltys- Guitar/Vocals

Sweet Chariot

"Chicago songwriters Ami Saraiya and Anna Soltys spent the last few months
interviewing the Latino and Eastern European laborers there. Based on their
field work, they wrote the lilting ballad "Sweet Chariot," which will be
included in the "Chicago for the People" CD"


--Dave Hoekstra, Chicago Sun Times



Singles released:
Little Bug

Full length album in progress with Stonecutter Records